In cooperation with groups of business angels or private venture capital funds, Koinvesticinis fondas invests in star-ups and companies undergoing business development and growth

I was involved since conception and it was very important to come up with an identity that was already known and have a classical look with a modern approach. The logotype is constructed of geometric shapes and typography. Later on, I made some stationery designs where I implemented the identity system with classy fonts and colours, I also made a basic icon set to make communication more accurate.
Brand identity  -  Nikas Geisleris
Website UX/UI  -  Nikas Geisleris
3D illustration & Animation  -  Rokas Mežetis
Developement (Webflow)   -   Laimonas Pozingis

The website was the main brand touchpoint where all the identity assets work together to give users the best experience and further guides to take action either to raise money or invest.​​​​​​​

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